Validity Labs – Your #1 Technology Partner

Validity Labs is a provider of blockchain-based decentralised applications based in Switzerland. The journey started in 2015 with the Ethereum genesis block, offering a range of services focused on decentralised applications and their use cases.

From conceptualising, designing, sketching to building and supporting applications using blockchain technology across multiple industries.

Wearing the precious spin-off label from ETH Zürich we have been working closely with the ETH Zurich as well as other Swiss Academic Institutes over the past few years. Validity Labs supports large corporations (e.g. insurance companies, banks, watch-maker, fund managers and other corporations) on their first blockchain products.

Our offices are in Zurich but our teams are based across Europe. We aim to develop platforms and services using blockchain technology, AI, machine learning and other innovative solutions that we believe will bring an advantage to our clients.

Our clients

Validity Labs is your number one technology partner, specialist and expert in all areas focused on decentralised applications, software development with a focus on the blockchain ecosystem and their use cases. We have over +200 clients worldwide throughout multiple industries and our portfolio is steady growing.