A cost-effective KYC & AML SaaS Solution

If you plan to start a fundraiser like an STO or ICO or you have other needs to provide a KYC / AML service to your business, our SaaS solution provides high availability, scalability, security and an intuitive process to your clients.

Our white-labeled platform hosting award-winning technology to digitalise the onboarding process.

KYC-check.me is a compliant identity as a service platform. Our platform was developed in 2017 after reviewing the compliance process by multiple legal experts from Switzerland and Lichtenstein. We ensure to our clients that all data are securely stored in a datacenter located in Switzerland. Get in touch to discover how we can help you make your KYC processes simple, efficient, intelligent, and even more secure with our KYC-check platform.

Compliance as a Service for all client types

Our platform digitises the KYC and AML process for all client types: Corporates, SMEs and individuals. With our modulated architecture we support multiple compliance tools and services to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution to securely verify the identity of individuals.

Your benefits

User-friendly interface

Our web-based user-friendly interface will guide your clients through a seamless process in a short timeframe.

Competitive pricing

Our services are optimised for automation. We reward our clients with transparent & competitive prices.

High availability service

Our services can automatically scale up if high demand requires it. Say goodbye to off-line pages and services.

Secure hosting

All data are hosted securely in our Swiss based datacenter. Our partners provide the highest security standards in the industry.

Supporting multi-levels ID verification

Our platform offers secure identification standards like Video-, Photo- or Auto- Identifications processes.

Paperless, None friction experience

A seamless digital experience for you and your customers without the need to process paper documents.

Maximum security and legal compliance

All our services are GDPR compliant. You will receive a full backup of all your data at the end of our engagement.

Digital signature

Our platform supports compliant digital signatures processing. We integrate multiple third party providers.

Best in Class
Investor Onboarding Platform

Super fast & simple Client Onboarding

From the ground up developed in 2017, our platform has served many startups during the ICO area and is an integrated solution to onboard your clients. If you run a fundraising campaign, manage a financial institution or just require a KYC for your business compliance department. You can onboard your clients and collect all the information required through our user-friendly and secure portal.


Securely collect client information via digital forms


Photo- / video-ident (browser or smartphone) with one of our supported service provider


Profile page with password reset functionality

Overview dashboard

Contribution information page

White-labeled front-end

Personalised landing page

Latest technologies

Blockchain enabled, support for multiple protocols
Seamless Investor Onboarding

The Investor follows a smooth workflow through the registration by completing Photo- / video-ident (browser or smartphone) either a photo or video identification process.

Mobile KYC Identification

We provide easy KYC identification via your Mobile phone. Wherever you are 27/4. You only need a working internet connection.

Referral and Bonus Program

If implemented by the issuer, the investor is given a referral code to share with friends, being rewarded when the code is used by a new accepted investor.

Integrated Support Channels

Interact with your investors through the integrated help desk. You can opt for a ticket based system or a live chat to give immediate response to your clients.

Smart Contract Integration

Integration of secure smart contracts allowing the whitelisting of investor’s accounts, and automatic token issuance for all Ether contributions.

White-label Solution

Incorporate your own branding to match your corporate identity. Add your company’s name, logo, email templates, brand colours and fonts to align the portal with your brand.

Best in Class
Admin Management Platform

Easy and self-explaining Investor Management

After a token distribution, it is important for the issuing company to maintain a complete overview of its investors and to fulfil its obligations. Likewise, token holders require a friendly way to execute their rights and stay engaged with their portfolio companies. Our Admin Management Platform is the solution for user-friendly interaction with behind-the-scenes smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain, that control and enforce the different actions needed by both, issuers and investors.

Search function

Searchable investment list

KYC reporting

Comprehensive data analytics available

Fundraiser controlling

Manual intervention of fundraisers for your compliance officer


Full audit trail to track all changes

Full Monitoring

Global audit trail page


Role management for different departments

Our quick and easy on-boarding process in 5 steps.

Our goal is to make the on-boarding process for you as easy and smooth as possible so that you can concentrate on your actual business.



We make it simple, we offer 2 packages only. Speak to our Sales team, review and decide which package suits your requirements best, the Standard or High-availability solution. Both packages have 3 month run-time included.


We like it simple and therefore have created an automated onboarding process, just enter the details in our online form, we will review your request and get back to you swiftly with the next steps. During the onboarding process you provide us with your font and colour scheme as well as pictures, we do the rest.


Our developers will launch a new instance for your platform with all the bells and whistles, from the dashboard, to hosting, security and service integrations. If needed we also develop your smart contract for token issuance.


Test your new environment before we setup the production instance to ensure all is to your satisfaction and work as expected. Finally we configure all DNS and security relevant features.


We will launch your platform at your desired and pre-defined date. We will educate your team about the platform usage as well as standing ready if you require any support.

Community partners

Validity Labs collaborates with strong partners to offer our customers the best solutions.

We are proud to work with award winning partners and provide to you their compliant solution directly from within our platform. We constantly add new partners to our solutions, so if you have a request to add a new service please do let us know via the contact form.

Ready to see more?

Launch your service with the support of our SaaS platform. We support you from start to finish by helping you focus on your business. We handle the setup of your KYC/AML platform for you.